Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Discovery Days at BNP Paribas - Banking/Finance
This year, BNP Paribas opened its doors to students studying GCSE and A-levels (year 11-13) to attend the ‘Discovery Days’ in London.
Students spent two days at the bank, learning about the basics of the industry and its future opportunities. Participants were immersed in the BNP Paribas culture and day-to-day life, through interactive presentations, team building exercise, trading games, skills sessions and work shadowing.
“The competition for early careers talent in our sector grows stronger every year. We need to start building relationships with prospective applicants as early as possible in their career decision-making
process. Our new Discovery Days will help students with career choices and, as importantly, provide the first step in what will hopefully develop into a long lasting relationship with our bank.”
Terence Perrin, Head of Recruitment, European Campus Recruitment and Mobility.
Thanks to its success, the Discovery Days will be running again in July 2016.
Application guideline:
CVs should be one page of A4
Cover letters should be a maximum length of 200 words
Candidates should use their cover letter to let us know why they want to attend our Discovery Daysand take their first steps into banking.
If you are interested please contact the 6th Form Office for further details.

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